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Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery is located in the exclusive Recoleta neighborhood, owing its name to the Convent of Recollect monks which used to be there and who also owned the Church Nuestra Señora del Pilar next to it (in the ancient vegetable garden of the monks, the cemetery was built). It is the most visited cemetery of the city, due to the great amount and amazing mausoleums and tombs, pertaining to many of the main characters of Argentine history, such as the one of Eva Perón (Evita), one of the most visited tombs.
In addition, it deserved a visit for it architectonical value, because it is a good example of the times when Argentina was an emerging economic power and the main families of the City competed building magnificent vaults. Many of the tombs and mausoleums were built by important architects and are decorated with marbles and sculptures; over 90 tombs have been declared National Historic Monuments.
It was constructed in 1822 as the first public cemetery of the City and its design is from the French Engineer Próspero Catelin. Then, towards the end of the XIX’s century, when wealthier families began moving to this side of the city, it became their favorite necropolis. Recently, the Government of the City restored the entrance to recover its design and original features.
In Recoleta cemetery you may find political leaders, presidents of the country, writers, Nobel Prizes, sportsmen, and businessmen buried there. Curiosities: Recoleta Cemetery has many curious stories in its mausoleums. As the one of Liliana Crociati, who passed away Turing her honeymoon and to whom her parents built a tomb reproducing her room and put up a sculpture of her in the entrance, dressed in her wedding dress as she was buried and accompanied by her inseparable dog. Or the one of David Alleno, cemetery guard, who saved money his entire life to build his own tomb there.

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