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Francia Square

In Recoleta neighborhood, over a slope, with a high variety of trees and bushes, where you can listen various languages of the world, you may find, as in the last thirty years, the hand-craft fair of Francia Square.
A crossroad of cultural roads, art museums, expo centers, cultural center and historical sites among others, together with the hand-craft fair are part of this enriching balance.
This fair formed by artisans willing to face the challenge of integrating their work with native populations identity, the feeling of an urban aesthetic they have been born into and communicating through their objects explain the eclectically fact of this creative deed. For all this, it does not feel arbitrary finding a link between a delicate transparent glass bowl and a metal under braw with surrealistic reminiscences.
The wish of those forming the fairs is not over with the recognition of their works, but furthermore each artisan creates a genuine language adding to the design their own and others resonances, learning their art in workshop or exchanging with others, therefore it is fundamental to build their ideological tools, ethical foundations and their ways in developing this passion as a group with the only objective of fostering this cultural activity comprising their lives.
If globalization has wiped out with meanings at the rhythm of neoliberalism leaving people with no identity and social belongings, depending on forecasting media power programs, it couldn't do with urban art craft.
When visiting a handcraft fair in the city you will not only enjoy observing samples of design and identity but also you will find Buenos Aires cultural shows and ideas and have a direct exchange with the artisan.

Each weekend you can be part of this meeting where everybody has a leading role.

In front of the cemetery and the cultural center, you may find Intendente Alvear square, wrongly but commonly known as Francia Square. It became famous in the 60's for its handcraft fair, popularly called "hippie fair" because of the great amount of members of this movement being part of it. Time went by and the fair became more popular, besides genuine artisans, there were goods resellers and street sellers.

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Cyan Recoleta Suites

Cyan Suites Recoleta is a modern, functional and elegant building, located in the best street of fashionable Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Suites offers one and two rooms with all the comfort needed to make guests feel at home during your stay in Buenos Aires. The spacious suites are fully equipped with oven, refrigerator, dishes, microwave, air conditioning, LCD TV with cable and wireless internet. Located just meters from restaurants, parks, museums, malls and bars; Cyan Suites Recoleta is ideal for guests traveling for business or tourism as well as for families seeking comfort in their accommodation.