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El Pilar Church

El Pilar Church located in Recoleta has a great architectonical and historical value in this neighborhood because if it was not for the Church, the neighborhood would not have existed. It was built in 1708 to host Recollect monks coming from Spain. That is why Recoleta is called like that.
In 1732 the church was finished and they inaugurated Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Back then, the church had a vegetable garden that later became today’s famous Recoleta Cemetery.
In 1936 it was named Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Pope Pius XI and in 1942 it was declared National Historical Monument.
Its architecture is preserved in good shape until today and it is the most antique church in Buenos Aires.

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Cyan Recoleta Suites

Cyan Suites Recoleta is a modern, functional and elegant building, located in the best street of fashionable Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Suites offers one and two rooms with all the comfort needed to make guests feel at home during your stay in Buenos Aires. The spacious suites are fully equipped with oven, refrigerator, dishes, microwave, air conditioning, LCD TV with cable and wireless internet. Located just meters from restaurants, parks, museums, malls and bars; Cyan Suites Recoleta is ideal for guests traveling for business or tourism as well as for families seeking comfort in their accommodation.